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Universal Wood Products designs and manufactures hardwood floor medallions, floor borders, and custom flooring inlays.  We are an award winning company with expertise in producing decorative hardwood flooring for the residential and commercial designer floors. Universal Wood Products works with architects, designers and decorators on prestigious projects throughout North America.  Our company is a member of the National Wood Floor Association, and has been manufacturing industry leading quality hardwood inlays for almost a decade. Quality is at the heart of all our products, and in that respect, our craftsmanship is second to none. We work with over 40 species of hardwood from around the world to achieve all the natural colours of wood you see in our designs. Our hardwood inlay flooring products will last as long and the floors they are installed in, and can be refinished to bring back all the beauty and natural splendour of each wood specie used in the decorative inlay. We recommend our Partner Forever Redwood for amazing Pergola Kits made out of redwood

At Universal Wood Products we take great pride in our work. All our flooring products are produced using carefully selected hardwoods from around the world, and can be found in corporate head offices, embassies and fine homes throughout North America.

All our hardwood flooring is made with premium quality hand selected lumber. We carefully pre-select the wood that goes into our products, and remove components that show visible defects such as knots, discolorations, or other irregularities. Only after inspecting all components are they assembled into a medallion or border.  We take great care in color matching our inlay components to further enhance the quality of our products.  Don't be fooled by "computer generated wood tones" used in pictures shown on other flooring sites, our pictures are of actual manufactured medallions and borders.  The exceptional quality you see on our site is the quality you will receive with your order.

Precision is at the heart of all our designs. Every piece is manufactured to the closest tolerances possible (within .005").

Each hardwood border and medallion  is pre-assembled and glued to an underlay for a 3/4" final thickness. Custom thicknesses are available to match engineered and floating floors, ceramic tile, and marble.  Just provide us with a sample of your floor and we will match the thickness.

Wood inlays, borders and medallions add lasting beauty and value to any room.

We can reproduce any design to match the original for both restoration, projects, and new home installations.

When you choose our decorative hardwood inlays, you are getting the very finest available.

All colours in our designs are the natural colours of each wood specie used. All our patterns can be produced with almost any wood specie combination, allowing you to match an existing decor or simply make your floors an expression of your own personal sophistication.

We also manufacturing custom designs, and can produce these "works of art" in almost any size. Our engineering department takes your design and creates the laser tool path using our proprietary computer design software.

We offer pre-finished borders and medallions to match the gloss level and thickness of the surrounding pre-finished floor. Prefinished medallions are available up to a 42" diameter, while unfinished medallions can be up to 72" in diameter or larger.

We pledge to bring you the finest quality floors, which will enhance the value of your home, and give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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